Expanding industry demand, equals growing risk.

Australia’s deadliest industries have been uncovered with on average, one death occurring every two days, in an updated and finalized report published & reported by Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2017.

The agriculture, forestry and fishing industry are for the fourth year in a row, the riskiest workplace with the most amount of deaths occurring in the country in 2017, with 52 fatalities and 3620 serious injury claims.

With the increasing employed services of food delivery, ride shares and online shopping, the second riskiest industry is transport, postal and warehousing, increased by 15 per cent on the previous year, with 54 deaths and 8330 serious injuries in 2017. With an industry such as this growing with demand, it is expected for these numbers to continue to rise.

Coming in third place in the riskiest industry was the construction industry, totaling 30 deaths and 13,280 serious injury claims in 2017.

“A safety incident can happen in a moment and in any workplace, but a moment’s forethought can prevent harm,” – Diane Smith-Gander, Chair, Work Safe Australia.

Take some time to discuss hazards and risks with workmates and supervisors. Prevention can be as simple as taking a few minutes on the work site or in a boardroom, to ensure everyone is contributing to making their workplace safer and healthier.

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