The new and exciting world of workplace seating.

Do you prefer a traditional office chair, a sit-stand, or maybe a kneeling chair? Check out these unique and interesting options for sitting at your desk.


Fit Ball

A fit ball is a round blow-up ball that is generally used for exercise purposes. It can be used to encourage correct posture as sitting on the ball requires engaging core muscles to stay upright. Using a fit ball as a seat for work is a contentious idea. Unless an employee needs to use a fit ball after an injury as part of a rehabilitation or return to work place, it is recommended that fit balls are not used as chairs within a workplace.


Sit-Stand Chair

The sit-stand chair allows you to do just that – sit or stand, depending on what you feel like doing. They are fully adjustable, so can suit any work station height, but are mostly recommended for use on adjustable desks that allow you to alternate between sitting and standing. They claim to have better support for your back, allowing you to position your head directly over your spine, reducing strain on the lower back and therefore reducing the risk of injury.


Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair allows for a “kneel-like” sitting position, where you are tilted slightly forward, increasing the distance between the torso and thighs. There is also a shin pad that stops you from sliding forwards off the chair. This type of seating allegedly reduces force on the spine, encouraging correct posture and spinal alignment.


Employer Obligations

An employer is obligated to provide appropriate seating in their workplace, however any alternative seating must be agreed upon by both parties. An employer must also ensure that employees’ seating passes both an ergonomics and a risk assessment, to prevent accidents such as falling, or incorrect posture. The employer is obligated to purchase the new seating if it is for a legitimate reason, e.g. to prevent lower back pain or for a medical issue. The employer is not obligated to buy an alternative seat for an employee without a legitimate reason for the replacement.


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