For children, the farm is an adventurous and exciting place to play, with lots of hiding places and makeshift play equipment. However, farms present hazards not found in urban homes that can lead to a child’s serious injury or tragic fatality.

Research has found that dams, quadbikes, farm vehicles and machinery, motorbikes, and horses are the most dangerous hazards for children on a farm. Drowning in dams is the number one cause of death on farms for a child, with children under five at the highest risk. Quadbike accidents are the second most dangerous risk for children on farms. Children should not drive or ride as passengers on quad bikes if they roll over children will not be able to escape from under them. Farm machinery and vehicles are the third most dangerous for children with most injuries occurring from children falling off machinery, or being run over by a vehicle.

Younger children, especially under-fives, are at greater risk of serious injuries or death because they are unaware of the dangers around them. Children do not see or understand the hazards to them or things that could go wrong, which is why prevention and supervision are essential.

Tips to ensure children’s safety on the farm include:

  • Creating a designated, secure fenced area for children to play in, so they are not tempted by dangerous farm equipment.
  • Locking farm workshops and high-risk areas when not in use if they are within 1km of residential properties.
  • Ensuring children always wear seatbelts when in vehicles.
  • Ensuring children do not operate any machinery.
  • Ensuring children do not ride quad bikes or on the back of utes on the farm.
  • Ensuring children do not swim in dams without direct supervision.

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