Promoting wellbeing in your small business is crucial to ensure the health of your employees. Here are some great ways to encourage staff to take a break and stay healthy.

  • Flexible working conditions is a great way to encourage a good work-life balance. Allowing employees to work certain hours that better suit their personal needs will
  • Encourage breaks during work hours. Let employees know it is ok to get up from their desk and stretch their muscles every now and then.
  • Embrace new office furniture such as sit stand desks that allow employees to alter their seating position and work in the best way for them.
  • Include wellbeing in your workplace policies, so staff are aware that the business is acknowledging their health and working to make sure every employee receives the best possible care.
  • While it can be costly to implement workplace wellbeing programs in small businesses, the long-term benefits of more productive, happier and healthier employees will pay off.

Healthy employees are not only happier, but are more productive and less likely to take time off work due to illness or stress. Encourage all employees to speak up if they feel undervalued, overwhelmed or stressed. Tackling these issues head on will give your business a great reputation for being a company that knows how to look after its employees.

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