There is nothing wrong with a workplace romance, especially when two people fall in love. Problems can arise, however, when there is a perceived risk of favouritism or conflict of interest. Here are some tips to deal with workplace romance.
  • Develop a clear and concise conflict of interest policy that covers workplace romance.
  • Ensure all employees understand this policy and how workplace romance can impact the organisation.
  • Include a clause about how and when an employee must disclose an office romance. This can help to avoid any issues of favouritism and reduce the risk of conflict of interest.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of who is off limits – place a clause in the policy that prevents managers from dating any of the people they manage and vice versa.


While it is not unlawful to have a workplace romance, it can have negative effects on a business and its reputation if things go sour. Encourage the employees involved to be open and frank with your company to ensure that both their relationship and your organisations reputation is respected and upheld.


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