One of the easiest ways to ensure a safe workplace is through a workplace induction. An induction takes a new employee or contractor through all the most important elements of your workplace. Here are five essential things all new employees should know:
  1. Building/site tour and introduction to colleagues. It is important that your new employee knows where to find everything in their new workplace, and who to ask for help.
  1. All emergency policies and procedures. Show your employee where all safety equipment can be found, introduce them to the first aid attendant/s and make sure they have read and understood all relevant policies and procedures.
  1. Tell the new employee all about your company, including its mission, vision and values. Explain their role clearly and discuss their responsibilities.
  1. Show the employee where they can find the equipment they need for their role and how to safely operate it, especially if they are dealing with machinery or heavy vehicles.
  1. Review all relevant HR and OSH policies and procedures to ensure that your new employee understands their requirements in your workplace.

Having an easy to follow induction allows your employee to feel at ease and fit into your workplace easily. Make sure they know who to talk to if they have any questions and they have understood their job role and requirements. Following these easy steps will ensure happy and healthy employees for years to come.


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