It is a common request that employees be presentable when they are at work. The physical appearance of an employee can be linked to the reputation of a company, especially if that employee meets with clients or works with people outside of the organisation on a regular basis.

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the personal grooming of employees:
  • A multicultural workplace can lead to many different ethnicities and cultures working together. It is important to remember that some religious views may not allow employees to comply with all personal grooming requests, such as the removal of facial or body hair.
  • Certain disabilities may also prevent a person from strictly complying with requirements, especially if those requirements revolve around skin conditions or allergies.
  • The Fair Work Act 2009 also states that workers cannot be discriminated against a person due to their race, sex, mental or physical disability or religion. Therefore, any personal grooming requirements should be altered for people that fall into any of these categories.

All employees should feel that their personal grooming decisions are respected in the workplace. While it may be acceptable to speak to an employee about the appropriateness of their clothing or personal hygiene, you must remember to take into consideration any Fair Work Act requirements and ensure that you respect all personal points of view.


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