Ensuring the safety of all employees in a small business is paramount, especially when working with motor vehicle traffic. Here are some tips that can be applied to your workplace to keep employees safe around vehicles.
  • Erect signs around your workplace stating the speed limit of the area and highlighting any road conditions, e.g. a hairpin curve or loose gravel.
  • Regularly inspect frequently used roads to ensure they are still safe for driving. This is particularly important after periods of heavy rain or storms.
  • Ensure that all employees have read and understood the correct way to operate any motor vehicles that are used during the course of their employment. Online training combined with practical use of the vehicles with a safety officer is a great way of making sure employees are operating vehicles safely.
  • Install appropriate safety barriers to help prevent or minimize the risk of harm should an employee crash.
  • Have a relevant Motor Vehicle Safe Work Practice, policy and procedure in place to inform all staff on how to manage their safety risks and what to do should there be an emergency.

Frequent maintenance checks should be made on all vehicles that are being used by employees. Any issues found need to be fixed immediately to ensure safety compliance. Make sure that your employees are trained to operate their motor vehicles in all types of weather, and if conditions change drastically ensure that your staff stay off the roads. Employee safety is paramount, and operating motor vehicles in extreme conditions should be avoided at all costs.


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