As we welcome in the New Year, we have an update on one of our previous blog posts.

There are few things that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with employees nearing retirement age, for example:

  • The employee’s capacity to continue to work. Are they able to perform their duties without any difficulty?
  • Are there any factors of old age – such as loss of hearing or eyesight – that could potentially cause harm to the employee or their fellow colleagues?

In one such case, a 102-year-old scientist was asked to leave the university he worked at due to concerns for his well-being on campus. He was offered the option to work from home instead, however he preferred to remain in his office at the university.

In a recent update, the scientist has been relocated to another office at a campus closer to his home, cutting his travel time and ensuring that the university has decreased his risk of injuring himself during the course of his employment.

This case highlights the importance of ensuring that all employees needs are taken into consideration in the workplace. If you have employees that are close to retirement age or even older, remember that they have different requirements to employees that are fresh out of high school. Older employees can also offer a world of wisdom and insight due to their lengthy experience in the workforce and life experiences as well. They can be a valuable asset to an organisation, so work together to ensure that all your employees – regardless of age – are in a safe work environment and can continue to contribute to your company.

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