What type of unpaid work could benefit your business?

Unpaid work can be great for small businesses, allowing you to help possible future employees gain valuable knowledge and skills. Here are some examples of unpaid working arrangements.


Vocational Placements

This type of unpaid work is a part of education or training courses, and are formal work experience arrangements. The arrangement is lawful as long as it meets the definition under the Fair Work Act. These placements can be greatly beneficial to both the student and your company, as it allows you to give the student tasks that will grow their skillset, while you can focus on larger projects within the company.


Unpaid Internships

Internships are when an individual works for a business to gain experience or skills in an occupation or industry. The internship must be a vocational placement, with the main benefit of the internship being the individual gaining experience, developing their skills, or training. Internships can be a great way of getting a fresh perspective on your organisation and allows you to find some real hidden talents!



Volunteering is for the sole purpose of benefitting another. A genuine volunteer arrangement must not have a legally binding employment relationship with the employer, no obligation for the person to work for the organisation, and no expectation of payment. Volunteering is great for small business as it allows you to have extra hands on board with no obligation of payment.


It is important to keep in mind that all unpaid work must be undertaken for the benefit of the individual, not the organisation. The main aim is for the individual to learn beneficial skills for the workplace. You must also ensure that the individual is covered by insurance before commencing the placement. Encouraging skill development and training can be great for small businesses too, so don’t despair! Jump on board with unpaid work and watch as the reputation of your business benefits greatly.


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