Human resources are the major player in people management in any organisation. Their main objective is relationship management between an organisation and its employees, ensuring the health and safety of all people involved in the organisation. But what happens when the issue lies between the organisation and its employees?

Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with industrial action in your small business:

  • Remember that you are dealing with people, and every person may have a different perspective or opinion on what is happening within the organisation.
  • Communication with all employees must be as clear and honest as possible to avoid any confusion or worsening of the situation.
  • If you have prior knowledge of a situation that could occur, consult with employees to try find the best possible solution for everyone involved. Planning for the future can take the pressure off if and when a conflict occurs.

HR is there to be an advocate for the people within an organisation, helping to ensure the best possible outcome for every person involved. Engaging with employees before an issue becomes too much of a big deal can help diffuse a situation and prevent industrial action from occurring.

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