It is often the case when an employer decides to implement a new policy or amend one of its existing policies that key steps of the process are overlooked. Communication and training are an important step to ensure employees are aware of the workplace changes and any new requirements that may have been introduced. If employees are not trained or educated, employers expose themselves to the risk that an employee may plead ignorance about a policy, particularly during disciplinary procedures. To avoid this tricky situation, employers should consider the following tips:


  • Advise employees of the content and changes when a policy is amended or a new one is introduced.
  • Communicate this change to all employees by email, referring them to a link on the intranet, posting the information to notice boards or sending a hard copy of the updated or new policy to the employee’s address.
  • Conduct training about new requirements and obligations on employees and have them sign a register to record their attendance.
  • Keep records of all training and attendance/acknowledgement receipts to show employees had knowledge of the policy and its use in the event of a policy breach.


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