Regional Australia myths busted!

It’s very easy to believe that our regional towns and cities in Australia are shrinking or depleting in population and growth, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A very simple fact check will prove that regional businesses and populations in Australia have the best proven economic performance and growth in the country. In a recent published study regional areas show very competitive economic growth and as big as their city counterparts. Here are a few “rumors” that ought to be cleared up by now.


“Regional towns and cities are not growing, and getting smaller” – False

  • Prior to 2007, Australia’s regional towns and cities were expanding faster than the growth rate of Australia’s biggest cities. In the last 10 year it has slightly slowed, but this current growth is comparable to Australia’s economic growth as a whole.

“No one wants to live in regional towns!”. – False

  • Similar patterns all over Australia show that there is still an increase in population growth in all major cities and regional areas. More specifically, in the last 10 years, Western Australia has seen the biggest increase in regional  population growth out of any other state. Tourism is also flourishing in regional areas, and has expanded by 4.1% over the past 5 years.

“There are no jobs in regional areas” – False

  • As the workforce industry slightly shifts, it is believed that jobs are also disappearing from regional areas, but this isn’t the case. It is true that our capital cities are growing at a rapid rate, but regional Australia is also significantly expanding. Based off current data, it is predicted that by May 2022 job numbers in regional Australia will be 26% of the workforce at 243,865.

Fun facts:

  • More people aged 25-44 are moving from big cities to regional towns.
  • 45 cents from every dollar spent in Australia, is in regional areas by locals and international visitors.
  • The Australian Government plans to invest roughly 57.5 billion in funding for regional and remote schools.
  • Bakeries are better in regional areas.

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