As technology begins to play an ever bigger role in the workplace, pre-employment screening checks will become more automated. Here are four checks that will soon become the standard for workplaces in 2017.
  1. Identity checks. Small businesses are increasingly turning to technology to ensure that their candidate is exactly who they say they are. An example of this is facial recognition, with photographs of candidates being used to check they are the correct person.
  2. Social media checks. Many small business owners have worked hard to gain a good reputation from a very small beginning. Employers are more likely to check the social media accounts of their potential candidates to ensure they are the right fit for the company and will represent them in the best light.
  3. Criminal history checks. It will soon be commonplace for all candidates to have a recent Police Clearance. Again, this comes down to the reputation of the business and ensuring that you are hiring a person who will not bring disrepute to the company. These can be obtained over the internet quickly and efficiently.
  4. Reference checks. Many business owners are now turning to technology to check references, resulting in references filling out a survey or questionnaire rather than answering a phone call. This saves time and also allows companies to weed out references that could be fake, or family and friends posing as professional referees.


Streamlining the pre-employment screening process will not only save time but will save money too. Investing in the technology to allow you to screen employees quickly and efficiently will ensure that you can spend more time doing what you need to in order to run your business. It could reduce recruitment costs and mean less wait time between the right candidate being found and beginning work.


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