It can be difficult to know how to effectively record when an employee has taken personal leave. Short absences from the workplace may not require a medical certificate, and when they do, there are a few different options that an employee can present. Here are some tips to make sure you handle personal leave correctly:
  • Provide your employees with a copy of the National Employment Standards, which outlines personal leave.
  • Make sure their personal leave accrual is recorded accurately in their payslip, so all parties know how much leave has been taken and how much is available.
  • Have a clear personal leave policy and procedure available to all employees in your small business. This should outline what are acceptable uses for personal leave, how leave is accrued, and what types of evidence may be required should an employee use their personal leave.
  • Consider the different types of evidence an employee can use to prove their inability to work when taking personal leave. This can include:
    • Medical certificates
    • Certificates from other health professionals, such as pharmacists or physiotherapists

In some businesses, evidence may not be required for a one-day absence from work due to personal leave. However, this will depend on the organisation and when the absence from work occurs. Many organisations require medical certificates if personal leave is taken directly after annual leave or public holidays/long weekends. If your business requires this, make sure it is clearly stated in your leave policy and procedure to ensure all employees understand their obligations.

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