Pet supply chain, Musti Group, located in Norway, Sweden and Finland is one of the most recent businesses to offer its employees ‘pawternity leave’. Pawternity leave is defined as annual holiday given to an employee who has just acquired a new pet. It works the same way as parental leave in that employees can take time off work to look after and bond with their new furry friend.


Musti Group will offer its employees three days of paid leave, so they can settle a new pet into their home. The decision to offer this scheme makes a lot of sense since 90% of the company’s employees have at least one pet.


CEO of Musti Group, David Rönnberg explained that, “pets always come first in everything we do, and that’s why Pawternity leave is a natural step in developing our culture.” He also said that adopting a pet is a significant decision that changes everyday life considerably. He said the company was committed to making sure employees felt supported, so they could enjoy the first few days with their newest family member.


While the concept of Pawternity is gaining momentum in European countries, Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada is allowing employees to take an allocated amount of bereavement days off following a loss in the family, which includes the loss of a pet.


Would you ever consider introducing Pawternity leave into your business?


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