Onboarding is the term given to the process of helping new employees adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. According to research conducted by Aberdeen Group, 86 per cent of respondents felt that a new hire makes the decision to stay or leave an organisation within the first six months. It’s important to get the onboarding process right, to prevent having to replace employees which can be time consuming and resource draining. Below are some tips to help introduce and integrate a new employee into your business:


• Begin with “pre-boarding” which means having all the basic paperwork completed and ensuring a workstation is set up for the employee prior to their first day on the job
• Make their first day special perhaps by taking the new employee out to lunch
• Design and implement formal induction and training programs
• Provide feedback and offer or establish a mentoring relationship with the new hire
• Be participatory and include the new employee in all social events if they wish
• Monitor progress over time and continue to check in with the new employee


Ensuring that a new employee feels welcomed into the organisation and well-prepared for their new job will help them to successfully contribute to your business’ mission for a longer period of time.

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