Isabelle is one of our knowledgeable HR Advisors and has recently graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Here, the ProcessWorx blog asks her about her time studying and her interests in Human Resources.


1. Congratulations on your graduation! What was the biggest highlight of your university studies?

I have always loved studying and learning new things, so I really enjoyed my time at university. A big highlight for me, however, was receiving top marks in my Employment Law unit.


2. You worked part-time at ProcessWorx while you completed your degree, how did you manage to balance study and work?

I was extremely lucky to be working with ProcessWorx whilst completing my degree as the company provided me with the opportunity to apply the theoretic content I was learning at University in a real-life setting. I was also surrounded by an incredibly supportive team who I could bounce ideas off or who provided a sympathetic ear during stressful exam times.


3. How did you become interested in the areas of Human Resources and Industrial Relations?

Like many people, I was unsure what to do after high school. It wasn’t until after I completed a semester of a Law degree and working full-time for two years that I had decided what path I wanted to take. Working full-time helped me gain an interest in employment law, which ultimately lead me to start my degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.


4. What advice would you give to other students studying HR and IR about getting a job in the industry?

My advice to students studying HR/IR would be to ensure they try and undertake an internship before graduating as it prepares you for everyday HR/IR problems which are not always as simple as they seem in the textbook!


5. What’s next for you?

Whilst it’s been great having my weekends free from assignments and exam study, I am interested in furthering my studies in industrial relations by getting my arbitration accreditation.


Isabelle is qualified to help your small business with all areas of HR and Industrial Relations.

To get in contact with Isabelle or any of our HR Advisors, please contact ProcessWorx on (08) 9316 9896 or email


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