Employees are entitled to long service leave after working for the same employer for an extended period.

Long service leave laws are different in each state. These laws state how long an employee must be working to be eligible for long service leave and how much leave they are entitled to.

In WA most employees are entitled to 8 & 2/3 weeks leave after 10 years of continuous service, and 4 & 1/3 weeks leave for every 5 years continuous service after the initial 10 years.

Long service leave is calculated based on time worked for a business including periods of leave taken (e.g., annual leave, public holidays, sick leave).

Full time, part-time, and casual employees are entitled to long service leave.

Employees must give their employer at least two weeks’ notice, preferably four, if they intend to take long service leave.

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Written by Danielle McNamee


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