Can you believe almost a quarter of 2017 has passed already? Neither can we! Now that you are well and truly back in the swing of things, it is a great time to look at five vital aspects of HR and ensure that your business is compliant.

Here are the top five things that should be on an HR manager’s to-do list:
  1. Review Annual Leave: take a look at your annual leave policies and how employees are taking their annual leave. Employers have the right to make employees take annual leave if they have accruals exceeding eight weeks, so plan to speak to any employees about this.
  2. Review salaries: as the end of financial year is approaching fast, now is a good time to review your employees’ salaries. Ensure that you are complying with any award rates and all Fair Work Act requirements.
  3. Review employment contracts: take the time to look at your employment contracts and ensure they are up to date with any award or legislative changes. Remember, if you wish to make any changes to an employment contract, you must speak with the employee first.
  4. Review OHS compliance: ensure your safety policies and procedures are up to date and cover all aspects of your business. This is especially important if you operate in a high-risk industry such as construction or manufacturing.
  5. Review internal procedures: lastly, examine all your internal procedures to keep them up to date and relevant to your small business. Make sure that all employees are aware of where to find and read these procedures and of any changes that have been made to them.

Keeping your staff happy and healthy is the key to a successful business. Work with all staff members to ensure that you meet their needs to the best of your abilities, and watch as your small business thrives.

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