It’s no question that employers like workers with a strong work ethic. They can be relied upon to do the tough work and help an employer through challenging times. However, there is a large difference between working well and efficiently to working too much. Having an employee who’s work-life balance is off could impact their wellbeing and exhausted employees could be of little use to the organisation. Employers should look out for the following signs in their employees to identify whether they are a workaholic.


  • They are first to arrive and last to leave the workplace
  • The employee has no hobbies or interests
  • They are constantly stressed
  • The employee never takes a lunch break
  • They check their email outside of work hours
  • They are impatient with their colleagues
  • They only ever talk about work


So, what can employers do to help manage a workaholic employee?

  • Manage their time well: Help them realise which tasks are more essential to complete first and let them know that they do not have to do everything.
  • Delegate: An employer should know where their employee’s strengths lie and should communicate this to them by delegating tasks. Make good use of certain team members for certain tasks and let others know when they are not needed.
  • Establish boundaries: Let employees know that there will be times when working late or extra hard is required, but that this is not the norm. Show them your appreciation for the extra effort they put in.


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