Recruiting to fill a position within your small business can be disruptive, especially if the role has opened quite suddenly. Often other team members are expected to take on the work load of their previous colleague to ensure that nothing falls behind and jobs continue on track. This can cause a lot of tension and ill-feelings toward the person who has left as well as management.

Here are some tips to keep employees happy and up to date during the recruitment process.
  • The moment you know that an employee is leaving, talk to the staff members impacted and make sure they know how it will affect their position.
  • Have a procedure in place that clearly outlines how the position will be covered by other team members, and who they will report to if they have any questions.
  • Split the workload evenly between as many employees as is necessary – rather have a few people doing smaller tasks than overloading one person with the job of two people.
  • If possible, have the employee that is leaving create detailed handover notes and sit down with each person that is affected to talk them through what they need to do for each task.
  • Keep your employees up to date during the recruitment process. Let them know when job advertisements are launched, when interviews start, and most importantly, when you have found the appropriate candidate. While most employees won’t need to know full details, keeping them up to date with the basic proceedings will ensure that feelings of misuse and disgruntlement are kept to an absolute minimum.

Recruiting can be a tough time for all involved, especially if it proves difficult to find the right candidate. Ensuring a cultural fit in an organisation can be just as important as finding someone with the correct qualifications, and it is important not to hire someone just for the sake of filling the role. Keeping employees up to date will ensure that they are aware of how their position will be impacted and of the approximate length of time they will be impacted. Be available to answer any questions and remember to be open and honest to ensure transparency.

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