Making a role redundant is never easy. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that the termination goes smoothly:
  • Be honest. Tell the employee exactly why their position is being made redundant and explain the situation thoroughly. A genuine redundancy due to business downturn or workplace restructuring needs to have been discussed fully before any termination so the employee understands what is going on and why they may be made redundant.


  • Show respect. This can be a very difficult time for both employee and employer. Remember to show respect to your employee, especially if they become upset and lash out. Research shows that employers who are respectful and considerate to their employees during redundancy retain better relationships with remaining staff members.


Remember that to make an employee’s role redundant the redundancy must be genuine, e.g. due to workplace restructuring. It is important to keep in mind that a genuine redundancy occurs when a role is no longer needed in an organisation, not because a particular person is no longer needed.


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