No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. However, sometimes, it is unavoidable. Here are some tips on how to handle delivering bad news to your employees.
  • Be face-to-face. Schedule a meeting with all the employees the decision affects and talk them through what is going to happen. This will help prevent disgruntlement as they have been told straight up what has happened or will be happening.
  • Allow time for processing. If the bad news is something that will greatly affect a person’s employment, give them some time to process what is going on. Schedule a later time to meet with them if they need further clarification.
  • Be ready for lots of questions. You may not have all the answers – especially if the decision has been made by higher management – but you can listen to your employee’s questions and reassure them that you will find answers for them as quickly as possible.
  • If the bad news is related to position changes or redundancies, handle with care. Ensure that all employees understand how the changes will affect them and, if their position has been made redundant, if there are any redeployment options available to them.

It is never easy to deliver bad news. Like ripping off a bandage, it is easier to get it over and done with quickly, rather than dragging the process out because you’re worried about backlash. It is best that your employees are on the same page and understand what is going on to reduce ill feelings towards yourself and your organisation.

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