The 10 key elements to an employment contract.

Here are the ten essentials you should include to ensure that you have all bases covered.

  1. Type of Employment: the type of employment your employee will be expected to undertake, e.g. full-time, part-time, casual or fixed term.
  2. Location: where the employee is expected to work, e.g. in an office, from home, on a construction site.
  3. Relevant industrial instrument: any awards or enterprise agreements that your employee will be covered by or must operate under.
  4. Probation period: how many months your employee will be on probation for.
  5. Hours of work: the amount of hours your employee is expected to work per week, and the hours in which they must be completed.
  6. Remuneration: the amount your employee will be paid annually or hourly, and any super contributions or benefits that your employee will receive.
  7. Leave: the employee’s leave entitlements.
  8. Obligations to the employer: mention the policies and procedures that must be adhered to during employment.
  9. Termination of contract: the regulations surrounding notice periods and how resignation/termination must be handled.
  10. Conflict of interest/Confidentiality: regulations surrounding conflicts of interest or other employment can be undertaken when working for your company.

Keep these elements in mind and you will have happy employees for years to come!

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