Time off work over the Christmas period is important to allow employees to relax and return refreshed and ready to take on the new year. However, what happens if employees return to work disengaged and unmotivated after the holidays? How can you prevent your employees’ from thinking, “when’s the next holiday?” the moment they step back into the office?


Employee engagement remains to be a hot topic within the HR industry and should be a high priority for small businesses. To prevent disengaged employees in your business, consider implementing some of these employee engagement trends for 2019.


  • Focus on the employee experience

An employee’s experience at an organisation should be a high priority. How does the employee perceive each day in the workplace? A focus on culture, professional development, rewards and recognition and team relationships are all important aspects of creating a positive employee experience.


  • Continuous Learning

As technology and the digital world continue to develop, it is important to keep employees’ training and development up-to-date. A culture of continuous learning improves employee resiliency and drives innovation.


  • Performance Management

Work and performance assessments aligned with organizational goals are seen as key drivers for engagement. When both employees and managers have a good understanding of their contribution to the business, they are motivated to continue achieving their goals and help the success of the organisation.


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