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There are no end of stories involving people that did not get a job because of their gender or race, or leaving their workplaces due to discrimination. Developing an understanding about discrimination and how to avoid it is the best way of protecting your employees and your small business.

Discrimination occurs when employers treat an employee or potential employee unfavourably because of protected attributes, workplace rights, or industrial activities. This includes:

  • Threatening an employee
  • Firing an employee
  • Injuring an employee in their employment
  • Changing an employee’s job to disadvantage them
  • Treating an employee differently to others
  • Offering terms and contracts that are different from other employees
  • Not hiring an individual

Protected attributes that you cannot discriminate against are:

  • Sex (gender) or sexual orientation
  • Race or colour
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Religion or political convictions
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Physical or mental impairment
  • Family or carers responsibilities

Having clear and concise discrimination policies will benefit your small business greatly. A diverse workforce can encourage creativity, while different perspectives on issues facing the business can help you reach the best possible outcome for all involved. A wide range of people from all walks of life will ensure that your company’s reputation is a glowing one.

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