5 Types of Employees and How to Handle Them


There’s always one person in a workplace that causes a stir. Do you know how to handle them and get them back to the job at hand?
  1. The Gossiper

The Gossiper spends most of their day, well, gossiping. They are very good at giving off the illusion of being busy, but only because they spend most of their day not doing what they actually should be, and trying to catch up at the end.

  1. The Sticky Beak

Do you have one employee that just has to know everything? This person is constantly asking questions, and often they have little to nothing to do with their position within the organisation. They want to know everything and anything. While curiosity is not a bad trait, these people just don’t know how to reign it in.

  1. The Intimidator

Employees who use their position or physical presence to intimated others are not to be tolerated in the workplace. Bullying, harassment or intimidation should never be condoned, and the offender should be dealt with promptly and firmly

  1. The Constantly Late

Do you have an employee who is constantly late, yet always leaves on time – or even early? The Constantly Late employee will never get there on time, and this can greatly impact their productivity and the effectiveness of their team.

  1. The Slacker

This person never does anything and always manages to be super busy without doing any real work. Their work gets completed mainly because someone else has picked it up, realising that if they don’t do it, it will never be done.

When one of these employees is identified, it is important that they are dealt with quickly. Ensure that you speak to them directly to nip the problem in the bud. Following procedural fairness is a must. Be prepared to deal with some shock or even anger – sometimes an employee doesn’t realise they are doing the wrong thing. Work with them to correct the misbehaviour and improve their overall performance.

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