The government has recently made changes to working visa’s in Australia. Here is a rundown on the changes and how they could affect your small business.

  • The 457 visa has been ‘abolished’ and a new-look skilled workers visa is being put in place.
  • The Temporary Skill Shortage visa will come in two forms – a two-year visa with the chance of renewal, and a four-year visa with chance of renewal and pathway to permanent residency.
  • There will be added English language tests and the requirement to have a tax file number associated with these new visas.
  • The change is said to have occurred to ensure that Australians get first go at any new positions in the workforce.
  • The new visa will still allow employers to recruit from overseas, however it is only to fill critical positions where they cannot find an Australian to fill the role.
  • The changes do not affect current 457 visa holders.

It is important to remember that not all industries have been affected by this change. Certain industries are still able to continue their current international recruitment strategies, while other cannot. For a full list of the occupations affected visit

These changes could affect your small business in many ways. If you are in an industry that is affected by the change, you will have to ensure that you look to Australian candidates first when recruiting for a position.

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