Last week, the Federal Court of Australia handed down a decision in favour of a worker who claimed he was a permanent full-time employee instead of a casual. The landmark judgement could have wide-ranging implications for casual employees across Australia and a potential increase in similar cases. With casual workers accounting for about 20% of the Australian working population, employers need to be aware of the implications of this case and how it could affect their business.


What the decision means:

  • Regardless of the requirements that apply to a workforce under awards or enterprise agreements, if an employee has a regular and predictable pattern of work with an expectation of ongoing engagements, they are likely to be permanent as opposed to casual.
  • Where an employee commences employment with irregular hours under a casual contract, the casual can morph into a permanent employee during the course of the employment relationship, regardless of whether the parties continue to describe the relationship as casual.


As a result of the decision, a large number of employees currently described by employers as ‘casuals’ could in fact be permanent.


What should employers do?

  • Employers should review their existing casual workforce to determine whether any of their existing casuals could be considered permanent.
  • Consider if any casual employees should be made permanent and thoroughly document this conversion.
  • Consider why you are employing casuals. It can often result in being more expensive to hire a casual on a long-term basis than employing a permanent employee.


If a casual is found to be a permanent employee, they will automatically become entitled to paid annual and personal leave (accumulating for each year of their service), notice of termination and redundancy entitlements.


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