According to the latest report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics secondary jobs have risen 1 million in the latest quarter.

There has been a 30% increase in secondary jobs (also known as side hustles) just in the last 6 months alone, as predominantly seen in administration, support services, accommodation and the food services industry.

It’s a good indication that the labour market is still increasing and there are evidently more jobs being created.

What are the hidden implications of an increase in the secondary jobs in Australia? The large increase of secondary jobs can also imply the low wage or salary of individual workers, and the need for more work to pay basic bills and living expenses. Australian’s are not working second jobs for the fun of it.

7% of workers in Australia now have secondary jobs, and here are some reasons why:

  • Decrease of hours worked at ‘main job’.
  • Low wages.
  • Stagnant household income.
  • Job dissatisfaction.

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