Mental health is important to any productive and happy workplace.

We have listed five key strategies for managers and business owners to implement to promote resilience and assist with mental health issues.

  1. Check-in with employees 

Individual check-ins with employees are crucial to providing a supportive and inclusive workplace. Employers need to treat employees as valued individuals, rather than talking ‘business only’.

Particularly, since the pandemic employees may be dealing with new or added stress. Actively checking in with employees allows you as an employer to get an idea of how they are doing and allows you to understand your employees better.

  1. Ensure employees know safe ways they can address their mental health 

People may be discouraged to talk to their manager or boss about their personal difficulties at work. If this is the case, ensure employees are aware of avenues available to discuss their mental health with people outside their direct teams. Alternatively encourage employees to visit their GP to access support.

Organisation leaders play an important role here. If the leaders of the business can reduce the stigma of mental health and lead by example, other employees may be more likely to follow.

  1. Encourage your employees to take breaks 

Not only are regular breaks good for productivity, but they will also stop your employees from feeling burnt out, which can lead to stress and mental health issues long term.

Engaging in team breaks, morning tea or lunches can help team morale, bonding, and the culture of the workplace. This may also assist employees who are feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

  1. Reduce information overload. 

In modern life, information is hard to get away from, while constantly connected to devices and screens. Sometimes the more information coming in, the more overwhelmed and distracted employees can get. News updates regarding the pandemic can become more harmful than informative.

  1. Encourage employees to feel empowered.

Business must create conditions for individual employees to feel empowered to take responsibility for their mental wellbeing. This could be by promoting self-care, work-life balance, and healthy habits outside work. By providing employees with the tools to manage their mental wellbeing, a business can cultivate a positive mental health culture.

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Written by Danielle McNamee


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