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Contains everything you need to optimise employee work performance in a clear, concise, and helpful way for business owners and managers, 

Includes topics:

  • What is underperformance?
  • Common performance issues
  • Procedural Fairness
  • Case Study / Example
  • Performance Improvement Guide and Plan
  • Disciplinary Process


eBook Performance Management
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Benefits of effective performance management

Effective performance management can transform a business into a smooth machine of productivity, where each employee is happily doing their job in a way that creates all the right results for the company. Sounds great, right? Not so fast!

Unfortunately, performance management is the Achilles Heel of many workplaces, and the organisation suffers for it.

In order to efficiently manage employee performance, the right processes need to be place.

The free ProcessWorx eBook resource “5 Key Steps to Tackle Poor Work Performance” will help you have the tools, techniques, and processes to boost workplace outcomes for your business.