Farming Workplace Safety Solutions and Advice

Agriculture is one of Australia’s most rewarding and renowned industries. Responsible for some of the world’s finest produce, Australian farms are an essential fabric of our country. Employees on farms face a range of unique workplace safety circumstances and scenarios not commonly encountered in other industries. From operating farm equipment and machinery through to managing livestock, farm employees require clear and detailed policies, procedures and training to support their safe work practices.

At ProcessWorx, we provide expert farming workplace safety advice, policies and procedures to keep farm managers and farm employees healthy and safe at work. With expertise in agriculture health and safety, we offer customised and personalised workplace safety solutions to suit every farm. Access telephone and email support, risk assessments, safety compliance checks, on-site inspections and emergency preparedness and response plans tailored to the specifics of your farm. From safety consulting services through to our comprehensive ongoing support package, our health and safety advisors help you understand your OHS responsibilities as an employer. 

Maintaining the health and safety of your employees in the workplace leads to greater productivity and enhanced staff wellbeing. With detailed policies and procedures, thorough online inductions, training and support from our experienced safety advisors, you can maximise your farm’s safety and ensure that you always remain compliant.

Our Safety Farm Package

Make managing your farm’s workplace safety simple and straightforward. Our Farm Safety Package offers a suite of value to suit a wide range of farms. Worried about human resources? Add on our Farm HR package at a discounted rate

Farm Safety

  • Telephone Risk Review
  • Risk Register
  • Secure web intranet Portal

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  • 70+ branded Safety documents
    (policies, procedures, forms & management guides)
  • Safety online induction
  • Legislation links
  • 120 mins annual Safety support
  • Safety Alerts
  • Automatic document updates



Set-up $6,135+GST

Farm Safety Consulting

  • On-site Inspections
  • Safety Management System
  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency, Preparedness and Response
  • Safety Advice & Support
  • Compliance with Legislation
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Compliance with Codes of Practice


From farm safety incidents through to general enquiries and questions, our farming workplace safety consulting team provides you with advice and support to handle any workplace safety situation.

Policies and Procedures

Creating comprehensive farming workplace safety policies and procedures requires an in-depth understanding of OHS responsibilities of employers, agriculture health and safety and compliance requirements. At ProcessWorx, we offer a wealth of knowledge to aid farms in developing detailed policies and procedures to keep employees safe at work and to protect your farming business. 

Whether you are starting fresh with new documentation or looking to improve existing policies and procedures, our farming safety team can assist. We get to know your requirements, offering customised policies and procedures to ensure that all important information is articulated clearly and concisely. 

To remain compliant, it is critical that all farming safety policies and procedures are kept up to date with the latest industry information and legislation. At ProcessWorx, we stay at the forefront of safety updates to ensure that all workplace safety documentation and resources are current and reliable.


Online Inductions

Keep all of your inductions and training information in one central spot with an online induction from ProcessWorx. Ideal for both new starters and existing employees, you can provide all documentation, information and training resources in one accessible place. Content for your online inductions is customised to your requirements, offering flexibility to incorporate everything from an acknowledgement of policies and procedures through to training and information on equipment and workplace practices.  

Ensure all employees maintain current farming safety knowledge through the completion of both new and refresher modules. Minimise reliance on paperwork and make record-keeping simple and straightforward. Stay up to date on the training status and progress of your employees to make follow-up easy when necessary.  

Streamline access to resources, policies, procedures and training for employees on your farm. Create customised online inductions with ProcessWorx.

The Portal

Our online Portal provides an easy and reliable way to access everything related to safety. In one central location, you can find incident report forms and other safety management templates that have been created and reviewed by our safety advisors. 

Employees can access your safety policies and procedures, general company information, online inductions, forms and templates to make safety tasks clear, streamlined and straightforward. Our online Portals are regularly updated and maintained, giving you peace of mind that your policies and procedures will always be compliant.

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Ongoing Support

To make sure you’re always getting the most out of your online Portal, our experienced safety advisors offer ongoing support. We provide personalised advice and recommendations to ensure that your online Portal supports your safety requirements with efficiency and accuracy. We’re always on hand to provide advice and support for your business, from online Portal help to safety services.

Implementation Training

At ProcessWorx, our safety advisors provide you with the tools you need to make the most out of your online Portal and safety documents. When you choose our Comprehensive Package, you’ll be given thorough and detailed implementation training.

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Hear from our clients

Jules & El O’Connor Creative Flooring

Tom has been a real help to us in completing our HSE Management Plan & SWMS for us. This is something we weren’t familiar with, so was not confident in dealing with it ourselves.  It needed to be completed by the likes of you at Processworx, in a professional way, so we could submit this confidently.  Everything was completed by our date requested also, so thank you for that too.

Jules & El O’Connor

Creative Flooring

Marie Rogerson. Rogerson and Company.

At first, we had been very stressed not knowing what was available as a full time farm hand contract. Knowing how important it is to have a contract, we appointed ProcessWorx. A staff member had introduced herself (Kaitlin Trebley), and I highly recommend Kaitlin. True to her word, very knowledgeable, she will guide you of your options, have the contract set up within 24hrs, and have follow up pleasant phone calls to check on your decisions and guide lines. Kaitlin 10/10, keep up the good work for all of the employers.

Marie Rogerson

Rogerson and Company

Dan & Katie

We have worked with the Processworx team for several years now. They are always readily available to offer support and guidance on any level of HR and OSH that we require. Their relevance to our farming operation is immeasurable. From providing a guided platform to cover off on staff inductions and orientations, excellent reference resources and wonderful
advice and support to manage personnel issues. It gives a sense of security to be able to trust in their expertise, and takes the worry out of … are we covering off on what we need to? Thanks Danielle and team.

Dan & Katie


Craig Lane

Just wanted to say thanks and well done in equal measures for your firm’s support of my clients during the safety incident last week. They are speaking very highly of your support through this time.

Craig Lane


Rosanne Sargent

Thank you for all the help you have given me this year.  My team is amazing.  And I feel that has evolved that way due to your guidance and necessary advice  when needed.  The solid foundation I have created by creating and implementing all the necessary polices and procedures has created a very solid and harmonious team.  Although it is inevitable that we will have some concerns I know that I can always call your office and receive realistic and sound advice.

Rosanne Sargent

Whistler’s Chocolate

Keith Warrick

Thank you for your time … you are a great resource for us and we are grateful to have you at the end of the line.

Keith Warrick

Eagle Bay Brewing

Zoe McAlpine

ProcessWorx provides an invaluable service to Breast Cancer Care WA, for which we are so grateful. As a grass roots WA charity, we simply don’t have the resources to have our own dedicated HR arm within our organisation. The innovative model of support delivered by ProcessWorx ensures we can remain current with our HR practices and deliver a great experience for our team members, thanks to their professional ‘on tap’ advice.

Zoe McAlpine

Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy McGregor

Processworx are a conduit between our business and the ever-changing HR and Safety landscape. Through their portal offering and knowledgeable staff, we are able to concentrate on our business knowing that we have quality support. I can’t recommend their services highly enough (which is probably why lots of my colleagues in industry use them too)!

Jimmy McGregor


Some of our valued clients