It is currently seeding season for many of our farming clients, with this comes long hours working with heavy machinery. It is important to us that our farmers remain safe at work and compliant with legislation.

Tractors and other heavy farm machinery are proven to be one of the deadliest pieces of equipment on Australian farms.  Seventy-five per cent of deaths in the agriculture industry involve vehicles such as tractors, quad bikes, or trucks.

Hazards which farmers may come across during seeding include:

  • Tractor rollover and run over
  • Tractor power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Noise
  • Whole-body vibration
  • Ergonomics
  • Fatigue

These hazards can result in a fatality, serious injury or illness. Many of which can be prevented through effective safety equipment and procedures.

Farms can be made safer by:

  • Safely maintaining your tractor and equipment.
  • Safely managing guards and attachments on your tractor and equipment.
  • Safely managing tractor travel on public roads.
  • Protecting all farm residents and visitors from risks
  • Supervising and training tractor operators
  • Providing personal protective equipment and assistance in ergonomics
  • Managing environmental risks
  • Providing a checklist to help you manage the safety of your tractor and equipment
  • Providing work systems that reduce the risks associated with seeding, for example, managing fatigue. (Please see our video for more information).

We want to ensure farmers are safe this seeding season. For Farm Safety personalised to the needs of your business, or more information about Work Health Safety compliance for farms contact ProcessWorx on (08) 9316 9896 or email

Written by Danielle McNamee


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