Small Business and Farm HR Specialists

ProcessWorx was founded in 2012 by Managing Director Danielle McNamee and IT Director Michael McNamee. Formed with the aim of helping smaller businesses use process and technology to improve their performance, it quickly became apparent that many small businesses were struggling with human resources and safety management. More recently, farmers have demonstrated a strong demand for reliable and knowledgeable assistance in managing their staff and safety requirements.

Small businesses often have limited resources, requiring dynamic and effective solutions to match their business needs. To meet this demand, ProcessWorx developed a suite of HR and workplace safety system solutions, in addition to providing ongoing HR and safety support as well as one-off HR and safety consultancy services.

We have grown into a team of eleven experienced and specialised professionals, assisting small businesses with personalised HR and safety services. We are proud to support our clients with high quality HR and safety systems and services to help small businesses operate successfully.

Our Vision

At ProcessWorx, we are driven by our purpose of helping small businesses thrive. Our professionals understand the dedication of small business owners when it comes to building long-term success. Our vision is to provide quality services grounded in value, integrity, passion and care. We strive to offer affordable, knowledgeable and comprehensive advice coupled with leading technology and system solutions customised to small business.

One of our greatest strengths is our personalised service. As every small business is unique, we avoid cookie-cutter solutions and instead offer a suite of customisable options to suit the exact needs of our clients.

Delivering Innovative Online Systems to Support Small Business

Our innovative HR and safety systems are delivered using branded, simple and secure cloud-based portals. Our portals are easily accessible and clear for small business managers, allowing you to quickly find reliable and accurate information. 

Portals include comprehensive HR and safety document suites, including information on OHS responsibilities of employers and employer duty of care, to keep you up to date with all current HR and safety legislation. Customisable and adaptable according to your business’ needs, online portals can contain everything from online induction modules for new staff through to HR templates and resources for quick reference. All resources in our portals are consistently updated according to the most recent legislation, giving you peace of mind that your information is always accurate. 

Knowledgeable HR Advice and Expertise

With broad experience across HR and safety, our team confidently provides knowledgeable advice and services to suit small businesses. As your first port of call for all small business HR and safety, our professionals stay at the forefront of HR and safety, legislation and industry updates. We assist with policies, procedures, performance management, contracts, OHS responsibilities of employers, employer duty of care, as well as a variety of consultancy services to answer all of your HR and safety queries.

Hear from our clients


Jules & El O’Connor Creative Flooring

Tom has been a real help to us in completing our HSE Management Plan & SWMS for us. This is something we weren’t familiar with, so was not confident in dealing with it ourselves.  It needed to be completed by the likes of you at Processworx, in a professional way, so we could submit this confidently.  Everything was completed by our date requested also, so thank you for that too.


Jules & El O’Connor

Creative Flooring


Some of our valued clients