Farm Safety Week 2021

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National Farm Safety Week is held every year to raise awareness for work, health and safety in agriculture. ProcessWorx is passionate about working with farms to be compliant and keep their people safe. Agriculture has many unique hazards such as tractors, quad bikes, dams, chemicals, and animals. Therefore having a safety system customised to your farm is crucial.

This year for National Farm Safety Week, we have put together a guide for our Farm Safety Resources to raise awareness, including blog articles, videos and podcasts with tips and advice for safety on your farm.

WA’s First Imprisonment for Gross Negligence:  An Esperance business owner is the first person in Western Australia to receive a jail sentence for gross negligence after the death of a worker last year.

Minimising Your Risk of Industrial Manslaughter: New legislation could see farm owners or managers fined or imprisoned if a worker dies on their farm. Understanding your obligations under the new laws is crucial to minimising your risk.

Managing Fatigue on Farms: How many working hours are too many? Safety Consultant Tom Sterle provides guidance for farm managers and owners about managing the risk of fatigue on farms.

Children on Farms: On farms children introduced to new hazards such as machinery, chemicals and dams. With agriculture being a family-oriented industry, unsupervised children on farms are often unavoidable. Safety Consultant Tom Sterle provides guidance for managing children on farms.

Testing & Tagging Electrical Equipment: Farm owners and managers have a safety obligation to ensure that all portable plug-in electrical equipment and residual current devices (RCDs) are safe. To reduce the risk of injury or harm, electrical equipment should be appropriately inspected, tested and maintained. Safety Consultant Tom Sterle provides advice for farm managers and owners.

Journey Management: Farm work often involves long-distance driving. Learn to manage the risk for yourself and your employees. We offer 3 simple tips to help protect your workers.

Consulting with Personnel:  Consultation with personnel is not just something you must do by law; it can also be a very effective motivational tool and improve safety culture on farms. Safety Consultant Tom Sterle outlines how farm managers and owners can communicate Safety information with staff.

Running Farm Safety Meetings: It’s a great idea to get into the habit of having safety meetings before the busy seasons to prepare new employees for seeding or harvest. We provide six easy steps to start.

Seeding With a Fresh Look at Safety: Two hazards that are particularly relevant for seeding are moving parts of machinery and hazardous chemicals. Written by ProcessWorx Safety Consultant Tom Sterle this article offers some safety tips for farmers who are seeding.

Station Safety: Horse Riding:  A safety alert has been issued after several incidents involving station hands being injured riding horses without helmets. Stations are urged to ensure their staff follow guidelines by wearing safety-approved riding helmets.

Quad Bike Deaths: 2020 had a record number of deaths caused by quad bikes, with 16 people dying and another 50 injured. As a result, the ACCC has changed the guidelines around selling quad bikes, requiring warnings displaying the angle at which the bike will rollover.

How do safety laws affect your Farm? In this video HR Advisor, Aimee Ford explains how the death of a worker in Esperance resulted in a jail sentence for the employer.

Liebe Group Podcast: Danielle McNamee and Ruth Young, a Calingiri grower, spoke about Human Resources and Farm Safety at the recent Liebe Group Women’s Field Day.

Work Health and Safety Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Podcast: Danielle was a guest speaker on the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce podcast covering Health & Safety and what the new proposed legislation means for your business.

Fatigue Management on Farms: In this video, ProcessWorx’s Farm HR expert Kaitlin Trebly talks us through best practice fatigue management principles detailing the steps farms can take to safely work through the seeding period.

ProcessWorx has just finished developing a new Work Health and Safety System that together with the support of our WHS Consultants will greatly assist farmers to meet their duty of care obligations. For more information on ProcessWorx services or to speak to one of the friendly team, phone 9316 9896, email

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Written by Danielle McNamee


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