FairWork Ombudsman stops for no one.

Attention owners and operators in the hospitality sector, check now that you are paying the correct award rates – the Fair Work Ombudsman stops for no one.

In the last week we have seen it all over the news. A celebrity chef, and owner of many venues, has been hit very hard as a result of a simple “mis-hap”. Although it’s reported that he voluntarily came forward with the information so it could be rectified, it didn’t stop the Fair Work Ombudsman or news outlets using this is a hard example to restaurant owners throughout Australia.

  • Don’t underpay your employees or you will get caught.
  • Any underpayment must be paid back.
  • You will also be fined
  • You will have nowhere to hide.

It seems like such a simple thing, yet 100’s of restaurant owners are frequently being reported to Fair Work for underpaying staff. As of 1st July 2019, Fair Work released a statement declaring that they will be targeting operators in the hospitality industry.

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