Goal-setting for success in 2019.


Goal-setting isn’t just a new-years-eve trend, but a commonly overlooked transformation tool used for successful business strategy.

92% of the world really sucks at goal setting. Pia Silva, brand strategist, explains the hard truths behind goal-setting, the important and how not to suck anymore. Setting goals is the easy part but setting specific and achievable goals that you dedicate time, and uninterrupted energy into is another process itself.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you sit down to write goals for the year. 1. Get healthier 2. Cook more at home 3. Make your business successful. Three problems are immediately evident, the lack of definition. How exactly are you going to get healthier? When and how can you cook more at home? How exactly do you want to be successful? What level of success are you measuring? You write this down on in a notebook and the notebook is never to be seen again. “Meaningful and achievable goals are highly specific”.

…” because I didn’t set aside truly uninterrupted time to do the work and plan exactly how I would get to the finish line, my goal-achieving record was less than stellar.” Pia Silva, 2019.

Whether it be personal goals or business goals, the biggest mistake you make is not putting aside dedicated time to implement a strategy for your specific goals. Behind every successful goal is a dedicated strategy.

Three recommendations for strategy in goal-setting are:

  1. Get deep. Ask yourself why?
    • Why do you want to achieve this goal and what will you gain from achieving this goal? Get as deep as possible with yourself. Why do you really want this?
  2. Create a process to achieve the goal. Don’t be left dreaming.  
    • What steps are you going to implement to achieve this goal? Create manageable small steps that are realistic and achievable, or you will be left unmotivated and frustrated. Knowing every step that is needed helps to create the bigger picture and stops you losing focus.
  3. Out-plan self-sabotage. Keep yourself accountable.
    • Don’t be part of the 92% and allow your goals to work against you. Plan for the interruptions, distractions and lapse in enthusiasm. Planning an accountability method is critical to the success of your goals.

Whether you are setting goals just for yourself or as a business, goals should work for you, not against you.

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