Managing an Ageing Workforce


The May 2018 budget announced increased funding to assist Australia’s ‘greying’ population including programs and support for mature age workers. With the 2016 census revealing nearly one in six people in Australia (16%) were aged 65 and over, this is an important step in helping to manage an ageing workforce. This ageing population is only set to continue, with estimates showing that one in three Australians will be aged over 55 by the end of the next decade. In addition to this, the steadily increasing retirement age, today’s high cost of living and the inevitable increase in the eligible age for the Australian pension will see the number of people in the labour force aged over 65 continue to rise.


There are multiple strategies that employers can start to adopt to manage the ageing workforce. Some of these include:


  • Undertaking an age audit by monitoring the age of staff in certain areas and the age of people leaving. This will help to plan for future recruitment and the transfer of skills and knowledge.
  • Provide training for managers and recruitment panels on unconscious age-related bias and stereotypes of older workers to prevent unlawful discriminatory practices.
  • Develop mentoring or coaching programs to help transfer skills between younger and older workers.
  • Develop flexible employment opportunities and conditions for older workers to accommodate their needs. This may include redesigning jobs to fit with physical restraints or offering job-share arrangements.
  • Re-skilling older workers and offering education programs to help them be more efficient and learn new ways of working (such as using technology and social media).


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