Casualisation of the Workforce

It is most people’s dream to finish their learning and move on to bigger and better things in the workplace. This could include finding full-time work that will allow them to buy a house or car, go on holiday, or even just keep up with the latest fashions. However, in recent times, this dream has become harder to achieve due to the casualisation of the workforce.

Casualisation refers to the fact that the recent majority of new jobs created in Australia were either part-time or casual. There is a definite decline in the amount of full-time roles being offered to people in most industries. Here’s what it means for small business:

  • Employing casual staff members means during slower periods you can cut down on the amount of staff working to cut back on costs.
  • Casual and part-time roles may result in a higher turnover, due to employees either finding full-time work or different roles elsewhere that better suit their requirements.
  • Employers don’t have to pay sick leave or holiday pay to casual staff members, which can lower costs (although casual loading rates will still apply).
  • Employers can terminate employees quickly with little notice if needs be.
  • Employees may treat the job as disposable, resulting in little communication or loyalty to the position.
  • If a casual employee has been working at an organisation for 12 months or more, they are protected under the Fair Work Act for unfair dismissal.

If you are thinking about creating more casual and part-time jobs, carefully consider the implications and management of these positions. Ensure you have the correct policies and procedures in place regarding leave and working hours, to cover the different types of employees and your obligations towards them.

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