Employee’s Behaving Badly


What do you do when your employee is a nightmare?


Even the best of us have a bad day here and there, but what can you do when your employee’s bad day is every day?

Bad behaviour at work can have negative consequences for everyone involved. Not only does it affect the environment at work, it may also spiral out of control and begin affecting clients and business relationships. So how can you prevent this from occurring?


Is the behaviour common?

The first steps to take are to review the employee’s behaviour over the past few months. Is the negative behaviour consistent, or can it be connected to a very stressful time in their lives? If the behaviour is situational, i.e. it has only occurred a few times and always in relation to a stressful situation, then having a quick chat to them about what has been happening and how to help them through a difficult time may be all that is needed.


Bad behaviour all day, every day

What happens when the behaviour is constant? Some employees may work better individually, or might clash with other personalities in their workplace. Sitting the employee down and having an informal chat about their behaviour is a must.

  • Tell the employee that their behaviour has been negatively viewed over the specified time period.
  • Ask them what they believe the issue is – the negative behaviour might be as simple as a misunderstanding relating to their job requirements or not understanding exactly what a task requires.
  • If their behaviour still does not improve, a formal discussion and performance management plan should be followed to ensure the employee understands the effect their actions are having on the company and how to improve.


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