Employee Motivation

How to motivate your employees – without using money!

As a small business it can be extremely tough trying to save money while rewarding the successes of your employees. Here are some ways of motivating your employees, while still keeping to a strict budget.


Performance Management

There are often reports on performance management reviews gone wrong, but what happens when it goes right? Keeping on top of performance reviews allows you to see when an employee has been performing really well. Rewarding high performing employees shows you are paying attention to their work, and that you really do appreciate all their efforts.



Giving your employees a task that they can call their own is another way to encourage high motivation in the workforce. By micro-managing employees, you take away their control and their ability to think outside the box. Giving employees the freedom to make decisions and come to you with ideas encourages creativity and individuality – you might even find your employee has a hidden talent that benefits the workplace. Remember, teamwork is key to a successful small business!


Training Opportunities

It is the dream of almost every employee to build their career. Providing or encouraging training opportunities for your employees is a sure fire way of inspiring them to develop their skills further. Not only will this benefit the employee, it will benefit the organisation as well. Having employees expanding their knowledge is always a good thing for any small business.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that rewarding employees can only be done through monetary benefits – this is not the case! Keep in mind these three examples and you will not only have happy employees, but a happy bank account too.

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